Our services

In order to satisfy the needs of its clientele, CANDEMS IMMOBILIER offers its services in all the Real Estate Trades: Rentals and Transactions, Property Management - Rental management (apartments, studios, houses, villas, commercial or professional premises, , Garages).


CANDEMS IMMOBILIER ensures all transactions in optimal conditions and advises you in a reliable way, whether you are a seller, a landlord, a buyer or a candidate for the rental.

The different steps of a serene transaction are as follows:

  • The value estimate established by a rigorous and competent real estate professional,
  • The commercialization of the property thanks to our regularly updated customer files, to targeted advertising on digital and paper media, partnership with trusted confreres and sharing of data and actions with Sud Gestion-Lacarelle, another company in our group Family and privileged partner in the Pégomas-Auribeau-La Roquette sector,
  • The organization of the visits of goods corresponding to the expectations of our customers,
  • The file preparation including a solvency study,
  • The drafting of acts and the collection of signatures,
  • The transmission and follow-up of the file until the authentic act.

The CANDEMS IMMOBILIER team is at the heart of your projects so that they can materialize.

CANDEMS IMMOBILIER proposes to you the complete management of your property, with the setting up of an insurance guaranteeing you the rents by contract (detail of the conditions available in agency). An appendix covering property damage may also be subscribed.

We work in full consultation with you, owner landlord, and our mission is to take charge of the management of your property through various stages such as (non exhaustive list):

  • The search for tenants (after setting the rent by mutual agreement with you), setting up the advertisements and announcements required, the rapid and efficient selection of tenants according to the legal and insurance criteria.
  • Administrative management with sending of notices of expiry and receipts of rent, collection of rents before repayment, renewal of leases, indexation of rents, regularization of expenses, issuance or receipt of leave, The drawing up of deeds, the drawing up of all statements of state of the premises, the signature or termination of any leases, agreements or agreements, regular auditing of the insurances.
  • Technical management with the identification of the responsibilities, the proposal of adapted quotations, the follow-up of the repair work and the replacement of small equipment, the declaration of claims to the insurance companies, the follow-up and the representation during the possible remedies.
  • Accounting management so as to know at any time the situation of the tenant, the monthly or quarterly calls for rents, charges, taxes and any sums that would be due, on receipt of any sums released, the closing of the annual accounts Of the charges, to the monthly payment of the rents to the lessor at the same time as the statement of account / management report is sent.

Representing a landlord requires legal, accounting and commercial skills including a sense of service and contact.

The CANDEMS IMMOBILIER team brings know-how and know-how to both homeowners and their tenants. By entrusting us for the management of your property, you ensure a real comfort. So, make the choice of confidence and serenity for the management of your real estate! Contact us.